A Fallout 3 Character

Amata Almodovar

Race Human, Hispanic
Gender Female
Status {{{Dead or Alive}}}
Location Vault 101
Job/Role Student, (hinted towards Supervisory).
Age {{{Age}}}
Date Of Birth {{{Date of birth}}}
Fraction {{{Fraction}}}
Apperances Fallout 3
Rel-Quests Growing Up Fast, Future Imperfect, Escape, Trouble On The Homefront
Addition Information
Karma Very Good
SPECIAL 5 ST, 5 PE, 5 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 5 LK
Technical Information
Actor actor

Stephanie Joy (child) Odette Yustman (teen/adult)

Base-ID 000300e9 Growing Up Fast

0001ce24 Future Imperfect 000230dd Escape! 0002549e Trouble On The Homefront

Ref-ID 000300f2 Growing Up Fast

0001ce25 Future Imperfect 000230e4 Escape! 000282d4 Trouble on the Homefront

Amata Almodovar is a character that features in Fallout 3. She was born in 2258 and she lives in Vault 101 and grows up with The Lone Wanderer, who she is younger than. As a result (depending on Karmic Choices) she is the Lone Wanderer's best friend and even acts as a romantic interest in parts of the game (depending on The Wanderer's conversational choices and gender.) She is also the Overseer's daughter and this can see her getting trouble from the Tunnel Snakes. The Lone Wanderer can stick up for in this situations, further advancing their 'relationship' and the good Karmic Path.


Amata was born in the Vault. Her mother died when she was two years old, and while she is extremely loyal to her father, she wants to change his stance on isolationism. This does eventually come to a head in Trouble On The Homefront. She grows up as the best friend of The Lone Wanderer. In 2274, James performs a medical exam on Amata with her father present. James writes in her medical file that she is concerned that her father doesn't trust her and that his insistence on being present precludes any possibility of doctor-patient confidentiality. James, however, believes that Amata can be trusted to avoid making bad decisions.

Baby StepsEdit

Amata is mentioned as James and the Wanderer leave their rooms. James says that they should try and find Amata, to see if she wants to play. As a result it is clear that they have been friends for a while, and at this point it is pretty clear they are developing a good friendship.

Growing Up FastEdit

In 2268 Amata decorates the Cafeteria in preparation for the Lone Wanderer's 10th Birthday. After talking with him/her, sh hands over an intact copy of Grognak the Barbarian, as a gift.

Future ImperfectEdit

On August 3, 2274 Amata is harassed by the Tunnel Snakes gang near the classroom that they are about to take the G.O.A.T in. The Lone Wanderer can intervene and help Amata, by either persuading Butch to do away, or by taking on the Tunnel Snakes, right there outside the classroom; and defeating them. In any case Amata is grateful. You can also help the Tunnel Snakes, or leave Amata with the Tunnel Snakes. If this the first option is chosen she is angry with you, or you just ignore her. She takes the test with you and is told she is on the Supervisory Track, possibly because her father rigged it. (Although, Amata does seem capable and inventive, as seen in Escape; and she has good leadership qualities as seen in Trouble On The Homefront.)


Amata awakens the player character with news of James' escape from the Vault. She offers a gun and has a plan for the player's own escape. The player can be sarcastic or rude and she can leave it you. However, otherwise she will help you escape, laying out her plan for you to follow. Toward the end of the quest, the player finds her being interrogated by her father and Officer Mack. If the player refused to take the gun from Amata she will pull it out, kill Officer Mack, and run into another room. However, otherwise the Player can attack Mack and threaten her father to give up the key to the Vault. Amata will then either accompany you to the Vault entrance, or just meet you there. After saying farewell, with sadness if a Good Karmic route is taken, the Lone Wanderer leaves Vault 101.

Trouble On The HomefrontEdit

After completing the Waters of Life, while roaming near the Vault a special mesage can be recieved. It is from Amata and she requests the players help. Entering the Vault again, the Wanderer finds the place in a kind of Civil War. On one side is Amata, who wants the rights to leave the Vault at will. On the otherside is the Overseer (depending on whether Amata's father was killed, it will be him or Officer Mack). With your escape the Overseer went crazy and started ruling through force. The Lone Wanderer is given the chance to side with either group, or the player can join Butch, who jus wants to blow the place up.

Siding with Amata, things can be resolved peacefully, or with the death of the Overseer. If peacefully, Amata gives you a unique 101 jumpsuit and asks to leave, sadly saying that your fathers deeds and your new life means that you are too much of a powerful force within the Vault, either because they love you, or the Overseer's gang resent you. 'You're a hero. But you have to go,' Amata says sadly, holding back tears (if Bethesda put them in).

Or you can join the Overseer and get not much thanks, but win the distaste of Amata.

Or you can blow up the Vaul, get hated by everyone, but Butch and meet Amata later in a random encounter called Amata's Fate. You can save her from the Enclave, but she will still balme you and run away. Or she will get shot.

Whether you do this last favour for your best friend and possibly love of your life, betray her trust ot side wih Butch's stupid scheme; you get kicked out of the Vault for good. (However you can see some of the old Vault residents, alive (side with Amata) or dead (side with Butch) in the Capital Wasteland.

Amata and The Lone WandererEdit

Assuming the Lone Wanderer is Male, otherwise they are just best friends.

Amata is best friends with The Lone Wanderer, drawn to him by the common bond they both lost their mothers at an early age. She is romantically interested in The Lone Wanderer and the player can also play along with this, causing the two characters to act as best/ romantic friends. They act as good best friends, possibly being sarcastic with each other, but still enjoying a bond that isn't often present itself in Bethesda Games. However The Lone Wanderer leaves before any thing further happens.

Amata obviously has deep affection for The Wanderer. For his tenth birthday she manages to find a intact copy of the 14th issue of Grognak the Barbarian, and also decorates the cafeteria for his birthday. Assuming that Good Karmic choices are chosen, The Wanderer can repay the favour by defending her from the Tunnel Snakes. She also helps the Lone Wanderer escape the Vault, betraying her father (who she is normally steadfastly loyal to) and if she has the gun she can even kill a guard to help the player escape. During the escape, when Amata wakes the Lone Wanderer from his sleep, the Lone Wanderer has an option to say he was 'dreaming of her' in response to one of her questions. She will call you a 'wiseass' but will allow the comment to go unchecked otherwise. Note that this conversation option is not present with female characters.

Amata calls on The Lone Wanderer to help overthrow the Overseer in Trouble On The Homefront, placing the fate of the Vault in his hands. This shows her trust in him ana his own morale values, as she loves the Vault and wants to better protect its inhabitants in anyway she can. It is possible to get a picture of Amata on the side of your Pip-Boy 3000. (Conformed as a Mod).

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