This is really just a page that links you to all the different News Pages avaliable to you guys as Users! This includes all the 'Of the Month' pages so you can keep track of all the best people on the Wi

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ki, and the normal news parts. So here we go...

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News Encompassed In Merely A Few Words...Edit

The Wikily Slice: This done by me, Elena Fisher, Public Face and Winner of the Admin of the Month, and it is where you can find the news of the month, prersented in an easy to read, simple, picture filled article, and so you can keep slightly interested it has a dab of the renowed 'Fisher Humour', which drove away the neighbours very successfully. It has won national acclaim by the Wiki and is said to be quite good. Hope you enjoy it. It is updated too reguarly, almost like I have nothing to do. See the right-hand side of the Home Page to see when it is updated each month. And am I missing something. Ah, yes. It also has interviews too!

The Founder's Log: Sounds interesting, right? No. That's 'cause it is for the, and these are Fraser's words, not mine, 'More Serious Bethesda Wikies'. My response: 'Right, so the boring, lack of humour, die hard, on the console 24/7 RPG freaks!, right?'. Fraser just turned away muttering, 'Uncharted lover', though I don't see how that affected what I just said, though, but whatever... Anyway it contains information about the Wiki, exactly what I do on the Wikily Slice just with the boring bits still in it.

Wiki News: This is very simple. We have BIG news bits here. No small stuff. Just done monthly and dumped on a page. Like, 'New Admin'. For the real news see the two ones above. Very small, Update style. If you're in a rush, but need to the news then check this out for quick updates.

News for the Staff: This is just for us guys. You can check it out but it's boring and it sucks. Nothing good about it. Just little tidbits we need. Check it out but it's pretty sparce.

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Of the Month... Or the People You Hate...Edit

Staff Of The Month: This is the page which features the best Staff member of the Admin team. This very special person is chosen out of all the Administrators by a certain Mr Fraser Gutteridge and Harry Flynn. And that's it really. The first winner was me, Elena, funny enough. Due, I suppose, to all the work I do on these Community Pages. Anyway, the best Admin guy and information non that person, Wiki style.

User Of The Month: This is a normal person like you who has gone above and beyond the line of duty to make sure one or more pages have been made fantastically good. So they get awarded. Also, if you win this award enough times, you, yes you, will be invitded to join the Admin team! Maybe even the 'Inner Square' the highest Admin honour you can achieve.

Page Of The Month: This is the best page on the Wiki at the moment. This can be due to it having the most info, the best info, the best pictures, interesting trivia etc. You can also see the greatest contributers to it. One of them might even be the 'User Of The Month'.

Bethesda Wiki Stars: Sorry for the stupid name. 'Stars'. It makes you feel like you were given a golden star for glueing something right in pre-school. But no, this page is not about that. It has the four best people on the Wiki. They'll probably all be winners of the 'User Of The Month' but maybe not. You need to be consistantly good to win this award. Like, going on for months and months on end, dedicating your life to this Wiki. I mean, who would be stupid enough to do that? *cough* Admin *cough*.

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