For those who are always working consistently, incrediably well are awarded with this. The User od the Month is a One Shot at This type of thing. Work hard and you get it. But this is if you are always brilliant. So, if you have the best edits, brung in some good pictures, are biasly liked by the Admin team, or a certain Admin *cough* Elena Fisher *cough* who controls these votes then you will automatically be on here! So go on! Get working, talking, uploading, or chatting me up (giving gifts is welcome too!) and compliment me regularly and YOU will be on this page.

Got a Edit B?... 14:24, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

The Bethesda Wiki Stars:Edit

(Note: Who is at the top does not mean they are better. They merely got picked first.)

Example: (Will be removed later when real BWS are chosen)

Elena Fisher: *Fake* The best thing to hit this Wiki since sliced bread, this Admin has won
Avatar 6

Elena Fisher: Admin of the Century

over 16 Admin of the Month awards and is looking at getting made Head of the Bethesda Wiki due to her undeniable charm and the ability to work on anything to an perfect degree. But her career really pitched when she saved Mr Fraser Gutteridge's life from Bill Gates and his random, Wiki ruiner team, who tried to put Gutteridge out of commision forever. After discovering that she was actually a long lost sister to Admin, Geopsych and her marriage to Harry Flynn she has pushed her career even further. And if you think she couldn't have a more adventurous life she realised that Mr Fraser Gutteridge was actually her and Geo's long lost father and the reason that he never answered their messages was due to the goal to try and distance himself from them. For their protection. Circles with Squares. She has recently retired with Harry in England with her 56 children. *Fake*