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The Founders log is a article the Founder has written in order to inform its users on what is going on with the wiki. It always includes major events e.g. a new layout, and it will mostly have the minor details e.g. new pages. The Founder will write what he thinks should be informed to other Wiki members but
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some times might write other important information. Like The Wikily Slice the Founders log contains information that you can't find anywhere else, just it lacks the fun edge of Elena's writing. If you are lucky to be chosen to be "User of the month" be prepared to be mention as the Founder is very respective of his Wiki contributors, if your are a Staff member expect to be mentioned as well as gaining the title of "Staff Of The Month". The Founder releases his issues when he feel that there is enough information on the article, so we can not predict when he will releases his next issue, what we do know is that he will make a permanent link in the middle column of the main Home page to get to the latest article and also there will be a updated News block on the right hand side column of the main Home page when the next new article is released.

About Special Issues:Edit

A Special Issue is a issue from the Founders log that is all about one thing, this is something the Founder feels should have its own issue. The Founder stated in an interview with some wiki members that there would be "Special Issues" that would be all about a major event, he stated that people who are given the "The Official Bethesda Softworks Wiki Stars" will be guaranteed a whole article about them. Some new pages or major edited pages that show great contribution and have caught the eye of the Founder will get its own issue and the reward title of "Page Of The Month", the only problem is that to get the reward you would have to have a few people that have edited the page as the title is considered a group reward but if you did it on your own you might get a mentioning in a standard issue and gain unfindable points on the Founders list that lead up to a title of "The Official Bethesda Softworks Wiki Stars".

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