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Bethesda's Official Logo

Bethesda Softworks, LLC, is an American video game company.

The company was originally based in Bethesda, Maryland (where it's name originated from) and moved to their current location in Rockville, Maryland. The most series of games they made is the Elder Scrolls

Bethesda Softworks is a development studio located in Rockville, Maryland. Bethesda specializes in role-playing games, and is considered by many to be one of the leading Western RPG developers along with Bioware. It does have a wide portfolio of games. These include: role-playing, racing, simulation and sports. These games are worldwide releases.

Bethesda is currently owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. who has provided Bethesda with enough funds
ZeniMax Media Inc logo

ZeniMax's Logo- Bethesda's parent company

to publish Fallout 3 on its own, and will likely be publishing its own games from here on out.

Licenses ownedEdit

Bethesda bought the license to create Fallout games from Interplay in 2004 for one-million USD in cash. They then announced that they were working on their first installment in the Fallout franchise in 2007. Other licenses owned by Bethesda include the license for non-MMO Star Trek games.

Bethesda Softworks Official WebsiteEdit

Bethesda's Official website is as follows:

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