Where to begin...

There's like been so like much this like month. We like have all like really worked like really hard and stuff like (swear word) and we hope to like get like 500000000000000 like users because like that would like be great (swear word).

Writing like that was what we experienced with a new User called Jordon. He wrote like that and it was not good. He hit on me, said Geo was an old friend, called Fraser Mr G and, true, check Harry's message wall, threatened to kill Harry Flynn with a knife. We didn't know who he was. We talked to Geo and he strongly protested to knowing him. I don't blame him of course. Meanwhile Jordon decided to edit the Todd Howard page. There's a picture by the side to show you a little of what he did. Here's a picture with the story in it:

I know him not...
Me: So, Geo. Y'know this guy?

Geo: I know him not...

Fraser: We need a way to fight him!

Geo: I know him not!

Me: Come on Geo. We all know you had a rough past. It's okay. You're safe. We just need to know-


Okay, just to note, Geo does not have a dark past, and he didn't call me a wench. I'm just over exaggerating it. But he was weird and a crap writer. Seriously, really bad. But hey, we had a court action against him. And after a fierce struggle we got him out. Then, and the other Admin don't know this, Jordon's lawyer came after me. He was... educated. Here's how it turned out:

Lawyer: You like the sh*tbags who like kicked Jord out of like the Wiki?

Me: Yup, I got made prosecuter. (Yay for me, by the way).

Lawyer: Why?

Me: 'Cause he sucked and he hit on me.

Lawyer: Whatever, I don't give a f**k.

And that was that with the Jordon affair.

Court cases have been about more than just about weird Admin. We also had some page disputes. Like the one where:

Fisher V. Flynn- Evidence 2

The crap version. Vote which is best in the comments box if you want.

Fisher V. Flynn- Evidence 1

This was my page:


Harry changes my User of the Month page. Since I'm Public Face I have the power over those pages. But Harry comes in and makes it worse, and then says he's higher so i have to follow him. Harry has terrible taste in pages.

In the end I won but I had an idea to appease both sides anyway, because I'm just that awesome (arrogant). We also had a load of other things that happened but that's that for now. Back to useless stuff. I don't think I've sauid this yet but I'd like to dedicate these Issues to people. I'd dedicate it to Flynn but he was a bit of a dick with the pages. Fraser's cool, but distant. So i'd like to say Geopsych, I put his name in the title, because he supported me in the Picture case, and when I asked

Geopsych: Head of the Profiecent Artistic Department

him to get us a new Admin picture, he did it quickly and really well. Fell free to check it out on the Admin page. It's at the top. We also hit a new level in our friendship when we were chatting and I started singing Coldplay. Now whatever you think of them, if you think they suck, then you suck I'm afraid to inform you. I'm joking of course. I don't judge music taste besides rap which I hate, but anyway off subject. So I quote a song, Charlie Brown, mentioning I'm learning to play it on a piano (yes I play, good for me), and we get into a conversation on it. We had a good time and he told me about some new songs I haven't heard about intill he told me. That's cool. Anyway, we looked like idiots typing Paradise together but it was fun. So that's one of the best bits with Geo, which will probably be hitting this Wikily Slice section soon, so look out for it if I actually make it. So thanks Geo.

Also I found this awesome little video, and yeah. There;s this awesome person who makes little trailers withy Uncharted. Cooleo. (That sounds stupid.) Anyway, who wants to hear about some personal experiences? No. Oh well.

This weekend my family encountred a badger. Big deal right? No. Well, my dad, Steve, my brother, William and I were cruising around the road. We were actually on the way to a lunch with my brother's girlfriend and mom. So you can see why we were easily distracted. My dad was looking out the window when he spotted it. We were curious. So we checked it out. Did you know you can be fined for killing Badgers? Honestly, we were standing there, trying to figure out what it was, (it was pretty mutilated), when some police guy comes up. He shouted it was a Badger and my Dad
Dead badger

What the hell is that? "I think it's a... animal."

was like:

"Really? Can't see it."

William: "Yeah, see the stripes?"

Me: "Of blood?"

William: "No, the black and white stripes."

Me: "Oh, the brown and red. Y'know, mud and blood."

It was pretty torn up. Anyway, we were fined for having 'killed' it. Our bad luck we had to run into Eco Cop.

Besides that, it's been pretty uneventful.

Got an Edit B?... 19:47, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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