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25/09/12 To all staff: COG it upEdit

Its time to start the COG project. I will be working on the staff area for now and when i finish we will have some new staff which i will assign areas to work on. TO HEAD OF ELDER SCROLLS SECTION: you will be given time to talk to your new memeber of staff in which you will welcome and tell him whats going on in your section. TO HEAD OF PUBLIC AFFAIRES: I will be asking you to join the welcome talk to let the newbies know what you do for the wiki. TO HEAD OF RESOURCES: I would like you too make some sort of role badges (e.g admin, founder, roleback, court position.......

Thank you for your co-operation - The Founder

To all staff: About the 18th SOPA protestEdit

I will be closing the wiki for the SOPA protests and therefor you will not be able to get on the wiki, however i have programmed in an special code that allow you to bypass it, all you need to do is login in on a different wiki and then go onto this one. I have let you in because we need to add more to the wiki for it to be fuctional.

Thank you for your co-operation - The Founder

To all Staff: After WarningEdit

Early warning. After reading pages on iplaw wiki our wiki got a mention in the complete block list: Link Here

due to this we might have some attention from wiki users and this wiki is not ready for public use just yet. We need to setup some areas that can be edited.

Thank you for your co-operation - The Founder