So This Is The Team, huh? Small, isn't it?...Edit

These are other staff. We have a big team here. Or we hope to. You have the big ones. The 'Inner Square'. This comprises of the Founder: Mr Fraser Gutteridge, the Deputy: Harry Flynn, Our Head of Profiecent Artistic Design Department: Geopsych (or Pyropsych, he has two
Bridge fight

Empty Admin... Empty Wiki...

accounts) and of course me, the Public Face, Elena Fisher.

But the people here probably work harder than us. Oh yes, they had to sweat words and Todds to get to this position. But here they are (see below!):

There are no yet. (Sad face, but hopefully we will have some soon.)

But how do you join these guys. How do you become Admin?

How to become Admin:Edit

Check out the Apply for Admin page. It has all the info you need done by our Deputy, Harry Flynn.

Now to show you the team:

But we also have specialist Admin. They work in special departments:

The Public Body:Edit

This is the department under Eleanor Fisher, The Public Face. Me. We work with the Community. What they want, problems, bad edits, complaints etc. We also write messages like this page.
Fraser apolising

Wait, you wan't to work with me?

Stuff that the Community will see and read. We can all write these, and you'll know it's legit from the signiture at the bottom. Like this:

Got an Edit B?... 14:32, February 21, 2012 (UTC) (This is mine. Then you know it's the Public Face writing it.)

I'm Sweating Like A Todd Howard In Naughty Dog (Date and numbers).

This could be one of the Public Bodies signitures. You'll learn to associate one with each member. To Apply for a place in this Department just Contact me: Elena Fisher. Write me a message with why you want to be one and I'll try to make you one. Unless you say I want to kill the Community, 'cause then you won't be accepted. Obviously.

Anyway, here they are:

(Slowly cry). I have no one. (Perks up) Ah well! No one does! But feel free to sign up!

The Proficent Artistic DepartmentEdit

Geopsych (AKA Pyropsych) is the head of this one. This is basically the picture department. In this one you get pictures for the Wiki. Requested pictures, ones for character pages, or funny joke ones. This is a department for those who don't want to write out stuff. You help to apply pictures to pages and make the Wiki look interesting. Good? Well, if you want to sign up, just go to Geopsych's page and leave him a message about joining. Then he'll say whatever and you will hopefully have place!

Geo's a good boss, or at least he might be so don't hesitate to join up!

The Average Joes...Edit

These are non-specialists. They get minor powers like the above sections but they get more frredom. They are more versatile than any others. They are under Inner Square and report to Mr Fraser Gutteridge and Harry Flynn.

This applies for all minor Admin: You can move up rank! Yes, exciting. You can move up to the Inner square if work hard enough. This gives you power in the highest standards. like an upgrade and you get added to the main Admin pages and lists. (You have to write your own profile though).


You get rollback ability. And I'm told that's it. Yup, but you also get in lists and a mention in the Wikily Slice! People haveto respect you. Of course, they probably won't but that's Wikipedia for you!

So that's all there is to say. All the minor Admin are here with links to their pages (if there are any) and you can contact them at will.

Got an Edit B?... 14:06, March 13, 2012 (UTC)