Staff Of The Month

Eleanor Fisher

518px-U3 elena
First Winner for Admin Of The Month. Being Female does appear to help.
Race Caucasian
Gender Female
Location The Wikily Slice
Job/Role Admin, Public Face
This Wiki Apperances The Wikily Slice, User Help Sections
Rel-Wikis Uncharted Wiki
Addition Information
Number Of Edits 501 (At time of Publication)
First Joined This Wiki Uncharted Wiki
Technical Information
User Actor Elena Fisher
TOBS Staff Base-ID Not Ready
TOBS Staff Ref-ID Not Ready

This is the page where we, the Admin, vote for who is the best of us this month. So you guys can see who is the best Admin on the Wiki this month. It can change each time. Or only one Admin can get it indefinetly, but who knows, right? The winner will be turned into a Character Page for a month, written by one of the other Admin. How do you win? Loads of edits, a great sense of humour and if you're female, you will probably have greater chance of winning!

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This Months WinnerEdit

January's Winner is:

Elena Fisher is a writer who joined the Wiki in January. Originally from the Uncharted Wiki, she joined this one for the hell of it, and on a recommendation from Harry Flynn. She quickly rose to prominance with her crazy and cute humour and the success of The Wikily Slice. Recently granted the post of Public Face, she deals with the Tutorial and other User based articles; while flirting with Geopsych and Flynn and arguing with Mr Fraser at the same time! As the only female she's a bit of an oddity, but it works in her favour, seeing as the rumours say Flynn has a romantic interest in her. Who knows? Maybe he does. In any case she brings a breath of fresh air into the Wiki and we would be nowhere without her.

Winner's SpeechEdit

"Great honour. Seriously. Not being sarcastic. I suppose I was expecting this when I bribed Geopsych and Harry. I mean, when I worked really hard to get it. Yeah, that. Also, I'm first winner EVER! Quite an acheivement. I've been adding picture after picture and all those little Community pages like the 'Of The Month' pages and the 'Welcome', 'Staff Help' and a load of other things. Lots! I really didn't think it would be me. Now for the customary 'Winner's Speech'. I'd like to thank my family. My brother, mother, father and my dog, Biscuits. I'd like to thank Harry Flynn, Geopsych and Mr Fraser Gutteridge of the Wiki. Especially the last. He made that rocking Profile which make me feel like a video game character. Though Harry said I was a Bethesda character. He described them as having 'crap animation and a personality as deep as a puddle'. Well, I'm happy with my puddle personality, thank you. And I have a load of other names too! Alfred, Toby, Marisa, Emily, Mark, Jake, Oscar, Ben, Jessica, Chloe, Henry, Rebecca, Norman, Sophia, Carl, Kate, James, Tenzin, Talbot, Eddy, Sully, Roman and last of all Annabelle. There ya go! Thank you one and all. And..."

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