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he Bethseda Wiki. List all comments, suggestions and problems on each of their respective pages. Or better yet, go to the Staff Help page under Community to get your questions answered by our beautiful Public Face, Elena Fisher.

Basically Fraser wrote all of that. This page is where you can find all the people that are ruling this Wiki (joking). No, in this Wiki, we have a laid back attitude to all of this editing stuff. At the moment the four of us make up the Inner Square, which was my idea by the way, and we have respective positions. See below and I hope you think we actually have a huge influence on this Wiki, becuse we do try our hardest.

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Mr Fraser GutteridgeEdit

I’m the Founder of this very ambitious wiki (Due to the demand that it turns over 10,000 pages), but anyhow with the weight of many on my shoulders I only dream of a complete Wiki.

"His dream, is pushing us all to the limits. So please join unless you want our work exhausted corpses on your conciences. Seriously (pointing pencil), I mean it. '- Elena Fisher, Admin

800px-non-Admin JollyRoger

Don't mess with me!

Vital Info Edit

Main Jobs:

Chief Judge Admin (CJA), Fallout Moderater (Fm), Technical Department (T.D)

Power Level:

Head of the pack and the Owner of this Wiki

Shoe Size:

You don't even want to know. (Has to be tailored!)

Favourite Game Character:

Myself on The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but my character just has a little more muscle.

Favourite Skyrim Skills:

Two Handed Level (83), Smithing Level (100), Speech Level (56 - Hard to level up)

Favourite Bethesda Game:

Skyrim with no updates

His Funny Story:

It's another Skyrim story. I had just started and i was told by the Whiterun Jarl's Court Wizard to go to a temple for some historical rubbish, during the journey I came along a giants home. I thought back to the video were you can walk with them I thought they were friendly, i was very wrong. I walked towards the giant and he started to run at me with his weapon armed , I said hey man i mean you no harm...., with the swing of his club he a hit me flying higher than "throat of the world". The end.

Harry FlynnEdit

The Deputy. When Mr Fraser Gutteridge is out, he messes up the Wiki.

Running from a dark past on the Uncharted Wiki he
Harry Flynn

Harry Flynn

hopes only for a new life... and redemption.

Vital Info Edit

Main Job: Judge Admin (JA), Elder Scroll Moderater (Em)


NT92 (Real name unknown)- Admin of the Uncharted Wiki.

His problem:

How come every Admin seems to be in love with Uncharted, even though this is the BETHESDA Wiki? Oh well...

Love Interest:

Elena Fisher

Favourite Game Character:

Harry Flynn (Uncharted Series)

Favourite Hero:

Martin Septim, 23rd Emperor of Tamriel. (The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion)

Favourite Skyrim (or) Fallout Skills:

One Handed (100), Destruction (100), Restoration (100)

Favourite Bethesda Game:

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Even though it glitches. Constantly!)

His Funny Story:

In Skyrim; met a guy who begged me for a cure to vampirism. Didn't have one, so he ran off screaming. One minute later he was dead. Next to him, alive, was a MUDCRAB! The weakest Vampire on the planet!

Quote: Edit

'Come on girl, cut that out. You're making me sick!'


'So, you're a Uncharted editer, huh?'

'That's right.'

'You're gonna give that shit up, and concentrate on Bethesda.'

-Chubbs-Flynn and Elena Gilmore (AKA. When Flynn convinced Elena to join the Wiki). From Elena Gilmore.


The New Kid. All we know is that he fought with Flynn in the Uncharted Harry Flynn Page Picture War.
Nathan-drake 2


Vital Info Edit

Main Job: Mostly pictures and keeping the Wiki vandal safe.

Psn Address:



Earth (because Geo is another name for Earth) Element (because Earth is a element) The New Kid. (Why? It was relevent once, but now no one can be bothered to delete it.) Too true Geo. It sticks (-ish).- Harry Flynn, Deputy

Uncharted Multiplayer rank:

52 (4th Legacy) "Holy Crap!" - Elena Fisher, Admin

Type Of Player:

"I will probably kill you, But if I die, I die."

Clan Tag:


Favourite Game Character:

Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series) or The Prince (Prince Of Persia Series)

Favourite Villian:

Harry Flynn (Uncharted Series) or Chimera (Resistance Series)

Favourite Skyrim (or) Fallout Skills:

Uhh... Lyncanthropy I think

Favourite Bethesda Game:


His Funny Story:


I go over to my friends house to play Skyrim. He has bow and arrow equiped and hes talking to someone and what do i do? I shoot the person......IN THE FACE!!!


"If you dont finish this, then I will bloody kill you myself" Charlie Cutter threatening Nathan Drake. Talking about the Wiki by any chance? -Harry Flynn, Deputy.

Elena FisherEdit

The only female on the Admin (don't know whether I should be proud or concerned to
Another Avatar

Harry, do you have, like, a thing for me or something?... Awkward...

be so close to a load of dirty man dolls.) I'm the writer of the Wikily Slice, a issue every month on what's going on in the Wiki. Also I think Harry Flynn, the Deputy, has a thing for me, if y'know what I mean... (Harry added the picture. I happen to look exactly like Elena from Uncharted, convienent, so I use her pictures.)

Yep, we sure swoon over her. She gets a lot of attention seeing as we're all weird Wiki geeks.- Harry Flynn, Deputy

Anyway, first thing that was said to me when I joined up was said by a certain Deputy called Harry Flynn who found me working on the Uncharted Wiki. Guess what he messaged...

Harry: You a Uncharted Wiki Editer?

Elena (me): Yup, that's right.

Harry: You gonna give up that shit and concentrate on Bethesda.

I just recently saw where that bit of dialogue came from that I was played into. Should be calling myself Elena 'Gilmore' Fisher and Flynn; Harry 'Chubbs' Flynn. Took a bit of talking but in the end I came over. Careful. Chubbs Flynn will be searching for more people like me. 'Prime to make the big Admin status!'- 'What kind of Admin status?' Hook, Line and Sinker.

Vital InfoEdit

Main Job:

The Wiki's Public Face, Author of Wikily Slice

PSN Account:

Speedemon1066 (yeah, it's a weird name. I got tricked into it.)

Skill with a Blade:

Unmatched. Best swordswomen in Tamirel. Of course, Flynn took a blow to his ego when he discovered this...

Obsession of my life:

Uncharted. Love that series. I just so happen to be named after one of the Protagonists (or she was named for me), so that's just a perk. But I could also kill for a good sponge cake.

Favourite Game Character:

Elena Fisher, but Nathan Drake is close. It's just he can't hold a commitment to save his life. A gun, perhaps but not a relationship. Though marriage was a good step. Anyway, I digress.

Favourite Skyrim (or) Fallout Skills:

Skyrim: Blade. I'm the best at it and you don't get that from not bothering. (By the way. Skill is 134! I do not lie. It's over 100!)

Fallout: Science. Loved having 'inherited' the talent from your father in Fallout 3.

Favourite Bethesda Game:

One that doesn't glitch.

Her Funny Story:

While fighting a dragon, I discovered a new glitch. Flying! Just jump too much, next to them and you get stuck. Then just wait for them to take off. Hell, yeah!

Quote: Edit

"I'll just watch it on television..." - In response to winning tickets to the final of the 100m sprint for the London Olympics 2012.