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Nat The Bat (The Admin's plaything)

Inner Square 2
Since this guy is a Admin created User for reasons we'll dump the 'Inner Square' Admin picture.
Race Sully, Drake, Flynn and a spice of Elena
Gender Male and Female?
Location TOBS Wiki
Job/Role User
This Wiki Apperances TOBS Wiki
Rel-Wikis TOBS
Addition Information
Number Of Edits 1
First Joined This Wiki TOBS
Technical Information
User Actor Mr Fraser Gutteridge, Geopsych, Harry Flynn ad Elena Fisher
TOBS Base-ID Not Ready
TOBS Ref-ID Not Ready

Bit competative?

Want to know who's best?

No? Dosen't matter. This page is where us Admin, Mr Fraser Gutteridge, Geopsych and yours truly choose the best of you rascals in the month. The prestige is good and you can have a chance of Adminship. Yes! If you win enough of these then you will get invited into our small square. (Can't be a circle as there are not enough of us to form one).

So get going. Edit pages, add pictures, create pages. Anything you can think of. So what are you waiting for? If there is nobody against you, you get an easy win!

Elena Fisher

Public Face

Got an Edit B?... 10:56, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

This Month's Winner

Nat the Bat is a created user for reasons only we need to know. And since we don't have any other users on this Wiki (sad) we have to dump this here. That kinda sucks. But oh well. Next month perhaps...