Elena Fisher

aka Seriously, Elena Fisher is my real name.

  • I live in Key West, California, United States
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Journalist
  • I am Female (and Gorgeous)
  • Elena Fisher

    This is a collection of scenes from Happy Gilmore Wiki-afied with us Admin as the characters. Idea came from my first meeting with Harry Flynn. (See Admin section in Community. My bit).

    Elena Fisher: Happy Gilmore: Elena Gilmore

    Harry Flynn: Chubbs Peterson: Chubbs Flynn

    Fraser Gutteridge: Shooter McGavin: Editer McGutteridge

    Geopsych: Otto the Caddy: Geo the Caddy

    Deletes editers edit:

    Elena: That's my edit, baby! Don't you ever touch my edit!

    Elena is writing crazy speed on an Uncharted Wiki edit.

    Chubbs Flynn: What the hell do you think you're doing girl!

    Elena: Admin choosing is in 2 weeks! I've got to get more edits on my profile.

    Chubbs Flynn: Cut it out! You're making me sick!

    (Cuts off computer)

    Elena: What the hell! Chubbs Flynn: So you're a U…

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  • Elena Fisher

    Ignorance Destroyed...

    January 25, 2012 by Elena Fisher

    I recently found out that the Admin actually make Blog Posts. Who knew? But they suck. Unlike my ones. These actually have a bit of content to them. About as much as the meat on a carrot but better than others who have about as much fat as on Narhan Drake's body. Hmmm. Nathan...

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  • Elena Fisher

    I feel like I'm being watched. Everyone's staring at me. Oh, I knew I should have turned down the job. Anyhow's being the only decent member of the team, besides Geopsych who is just awesome, I write the Wikily Slice which is hopefully interesting and a little bit funny. I hope. I also ask questions as to Elena's role in the series which has throughly annoyed all. But I got the answers I wanted, so YAY! Since this sucks, I only wrote it to get a little medal. For my real Blogs, check out the Wikily Slice...

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