This is a collection of scenes from Happy Gilmore Wiki-afied with us Admin as the characters. Idea came from my first meeting with Harry Flynn. (See Admin section in Community. My bit).

Elena Fisher: Happy Gilmore: Elena Gilmore

Harry Flynn: Chubbs Peterson: Chubbs Flynn

Fraser Gutteridge: Shooter McGavin: Editer McGutteridge

Geopsych: Otto the Caddy: Geo the Caddy

Deletes editers edit:

Elena: That's my edit, baby! Don't you ever touch my edit!

Elena is writing crazy speed on an Uncharted Wiki edit.

Chubbs Flynn: What the hell do you think you're doing girl!

Elena: Admin choosing is in 2 weeks! I've got to get more edits on my profile.

Chubbs Flynn: Cut it out! You're making me sick!

(Cuts off computer)

Elena: What the hell! Chubbs Flynn: So you're a Uncharted Wiki Editer?

Elena: Yeah, that's right.

Chubbs Flynn: You're gonna give up that shit and concentrate on Bethesda.

Elena: Who the hell are you?

Chubbs Flynn: Chubbs Flynn. I'm the Admin on this Wiki.

Elena: Okay. (Starts making a new edit.)

Chubbs Flynn: You have no idea who I am. do you?

Elena: Yeah, who?

Chubbs Flynn: Back in 2011 Naughty Dog said I was going to be the next Evan Wells.

Elena: Yeah, what happened?

Chubbs Flynn: They wouldn't let me near Nolan North again.

Elena: I'm sorry. 'Cause you're gay.

Chubbs Flynn: Hell, no! Damn NT92 takes off my profile!

Elena: Oh my God!

Chubbs Flynn: (Pokes Elena with hand) Cut me down in my editing prime. Yeah, but I got the Barstad's Adminship!

Elena: You're pretty sick Chubbs Flynn.

'Chubbs Flynn: Bethesda is just like Uncharted. It gets good reviews and it has an expansive universe.'

'Elena: All that Bethesda has is stupid geeky fans and gay characters. Talk to my neighbour the programmer. Probably loves Bethesda. Big glasses.'

'Chubbs Flynn: Hey, I'll bet your neighbor the programmer can't write interesting articles . I'll bet your neighbor the programmer doesn't have a shot to get on the Admin list! '

'Elena: And how do I do that?'

'Chubbs Flynn: Win the blog competition and you are automatically on the Bethesda Wiki Admin. Then who knows. You might make your own Wiki. Maybe even get Beauracrat status like I never did.''''Elena starts playing with and Edit.

Elena: Founder status, beauracrat status, who gives a shit?

Destroyes Chubbs Flynn's edit.

Elena: Sorry.

Chubbs Flynn: Don't worry about that. I've got rollback. Real secure.

Gets deleted.

Elena: Sorry about that.

Walks away to Google.

Chubbs Flynn: Y'know. this isn't real smart of you. I thought you had real potential. Prime to make the big Edits!

Elena comes back.

Elena: What kind of big Edits?

Todd Howard: Nice to meet you Elena. I'm going to be helping you with posts today.

Elena: Funny. Who am I really editing with?

Random guy: It's a celebrity tour. Each editer works with someone from Bethesda.

NT92: You Jackass!

Elena: I'd love to punch that guy in the face right now. But I can't, you know, because I'd get in trouble. I bet you get a lot of that in 'World of Warcraft'.

Todd: It's Skyrim.

Elena: Yeah, sorry about that.


Todd Howard: I can't believe your a professional editer. I think the guy from the World of Warcraft Wiki could do better than you.

Elena: Shut your mouth Todd.


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