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The Public Face. I'm here to help. They chose me for the reason that I'm supposed to be better with people than them. Ermmm. Not sure on that.

Hello and Welcome to the Wiki.

I'm Eleanor Fisher but you can call, or write to me as, Elena. I'm the Public Face so I have to write Welcome letters and Tutorials and answer questions or complaints about this Wiki. The rest of the Admn are stinky man dolls so you won't get much help there. Welcome and I am sorry you had the misfortune to run into this Wiki. Whatever possesed you! Actually this can be a good thing. If the Wiki seems under produced. That is because there are only 4 people! (including me) working on it. Yikes! But you can help us. Or adandon us. We get the latter alot. And if the Wiki has 10,000 pages then it must be the year 4067 and I will be long dead. That's the Founder's goal, Mr Fraser Gutteridge's, to have that many pages. And it's going to be hard. (By the way, this was written 2012, so you can guess if I die. I'm quite young at the moment so...) Anyway, that's all useless.


Welcome. I'm Eleanor Fisher. Welcome to the Official Bethesda Softworks Wikiapedia. We hope you enjoy your stay. I will

That's me too. Bloody H-

help you to navigate it. At the top there is a huge toolbar, type thing. That has all the links you could ever want. If you don't have a clue to work a Wiki and you want to waste your life like me then here is a good place to get started. You can find it in the big Community bar and in that the Other bar and you have Tutorials in that. Written by yours truly. But if you think it sucks or is unhelpful blame it on Harry.

We also have a complaints and queries page. And I answer that too! That's located at: Community, Help, Staff Help: And any questions on that will come straight to me. Community Help is where you ask fellow users and Founder Help is where the Founder (Fraser) will ignore you. Don't worry. I check that one too so I can tell him if you have a question. But Staff Help can get you help on anything. Only use Founder Help if I can't help you or you have a death threat to the Wiki. And check out the The Staff page in Community and you may get a shred of amusment aswell as learning a bit more about us as Admin and people. Good? Got it all? Brill!

And remember to check The Wikily Slice, written by yours truly...

Welcome and Good luck with getting away!

Elena Fisher

Got an Edit B?... 16:32, February 13, 2012 (UTC) (This is how you know it is a legit message from me.)

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